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What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that have a long-term or permanent effect on the life of the person who has been injured and that may require significant medical treatment. Some people hurt in catastrophic accidents recover. Others may live with permanent disabilities, extreme suffering, a significantly shortened life span or a permanently altered way of life.

Catastrophic injury or illness can include brain injury, loss of eyesight or hearing, severe burns or disfigurement, head injuries, loss or paralysis of limbs, spinal cord injury, amputations, compound fractures, multiple fractures, burns and congenital or neurological disorders.

A catastrophic injury or illness often causes severe disruption to the central nervous system, which in turn affects many other systems of the body. In addition to possible loss of movement, sensation and communicative and cognitive abilities, the injury or illness may impact breathing, circulation, skin, the urinary system, the gastrointestinal system and other body systems.

A catastrophic injury affects how the patient lives. Each family member may have to make dramatic adjustments in her or his life to care for the injured person. There may be tasks that will have to be re-learned, such as how to walk, talk or write. The patient may require a lifetime of medical care, a lifetime of in-home professional care, and/or repeated surgeries.

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Catastrophic injury cases are among the most complex cases and should be handled with the help of an experienced attorney that understands the extensive treatment and recovery process behind catastrophic injuries. The team of attorneys at Case & Dusterhoff, LLP, can help the injured person receive compensation that the injured person and/or his or her family are legally entitled to. Cases typically involve claims for pain and suffering, reimbursement for past and future medical expenses, lifetime care and loss of earnings.

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