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Professional Malpractice / Negligence

When you seek advice, assistance or treatment from a professional, you expect to receive proper care. Unfortunately, some professionals do not always perform their duties — or treat their clients and patients — as required.

When you, a family member or another loved one suffers a loss at the hands of someone who is obligated to protect you, seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Aggressive Assistance For Victims Of Negligence And Malpractice

The lawyers at the law firm of Case & Dusterhoff, LLP, have decades of experience handling professional negligence and medical malpractice claims for clients throughout Oregon and Washington. We represent individuals, families and businesses who suffer harm from wrongful acts, including:

  • Malpractice by a legal professional due to misconduct, negligence or failure to provide necessary skills and expertise to your legal matter
  • Failure of a dentist or oral surgeon to apply the standard of care required by his or her profession when treating you
  • Receipt of inappropriate medical treatment, an incorrect diagnosis or an injury or death from a doctor, nurse or other health care professional
  • Neglect or abuse of an elder or incapacitated person in a nursing home, assisted living facility or other professional care facility

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