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Resolving Oregon And Washington Divorces

At Case & Dusterhoff, LLP we understand that there is no “winner” at the end of a divorce proceeding. We reduce the stress of divorce by assuring our clients that this is not about two warring camps trying to trounce one another; rather it is about two parties working toward a peaceful resolution. However, when it becomes necessary to aggressively pursue the rights of our clients we do so without hesitation.

Aggressive. Appropriate. Effective.

During your first visit with our Beaverton divorce attorneys, we will help you determine an appropriate course of action for your case. Sometimes marriages are salvageable, and we can assist you with resources to help you and your spouse resolve your issues. If a divorce is necessary, we will inform you as to the likely result if litigation is pursued and work to resolve your family law case in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We encourage our clients to keep things as peaceful as possible during the divorce process, especially if there are children involved. The way you handle your divorce can set the tone for your relationship with your children for a lifetime. Our attorneys will help you keep the best interests of your children in mind, especially concerning custody, parenting time and support.

Skilled Assistance With Your High-Asset Divorce

We approach high-asset divorce cases the same way we approach complex business litigation and maintain a reputation for obtaining good results for our clients whose cases involve complex property division issues. Through a thorough discovery process, we ensure that all assets are accounted for, valued accurately and divided properly.

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Two reasonable people can disagree which does not necessarily make either a bad person. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to navigating divorce cases in a calm, civil manner while ensuring an appropriate result. Begin your life transition by contacting our office in Beaverton, Oregon, at 503-607-8218, toll free at 800-658-0167 or connecting with us online. Refer to our FAQ page for answers to common questions.