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Skilled Business Law Advice From Formation To Dissolution

At Case & Dusterhoff, LLP we understand how challenging it can be to run a business in Oregon or Washington. That is why we offer legal support to business owners at any stage of operation, from setup to dissolution.

We assist business owners with a broad spectrum of legal issues, including:

  • Formation: When forming a business, it is essential to select the appropriate entity. Our attorneys will work closely with you to determine whether you will be best served by forming a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership or corporation.
  • Buy/sell agreements: Whether you are planning to sell or purchase a business, our attorneys will draft agreements that reflect and protect your interests.
  • Mediation: When disputes arise, mediation is often a cost-saving alternative to litigation that can help our clients work though a dispute and reach an agreement that will satisfy everyone involved.
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is similar to a trial, but it is faster and generally reduces costs. In arbitration, both parties present their cases before an arbitrator, who listens to both sides and makes a judgment. In binding arbitration, there is no appeal; both parties must abide by the arbitrator’s decision.
  • Commercial real estate: Our lawyers assist business owners with all matters pertaining to commercial real estate such as document review, purchases, sales, leases, construction, zoning and financing.
  • Tax: The tax implications for business owners are complex. We direct our clients to resources which help them successfully navigate the tax system as it pertains to their businesses.
  • Contracts: We draft and review contracts to ensure that they contain what is required to meet the interests of our clients.
  • Dissolution: Dissolving a business is complicated. Simply walking away can result in significant legal problems. We will walk you through the process and ensure that you emerge in a position that will lead you to a fresh start.

Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys

We represent clients in business-related disputes and take forceful action in court to pursue the rights of our clients. If you are facing a contract dispute or other business dispute, contact our Beaverton business attorneys right away. When one of our cases goes to trial, our entire team works for your positive result.

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