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Chapter 7

At Case & Dusterhoff, LLP, our attorneys are well-versed in the most common type of bankruptcy proceeding: Chapter 7. Individuals, married couples, partnerships and corporations can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge unsecured debts.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy has many benefits, including the immediate cessation of creditor harassment, foreclosure, wage garnishment, repossessions and lawsuits. Additionally, bankruptcy allows you to eliminate unsecured debt such as credit card debt and medical bills. Lastly, creditors cannot lay claim to any wages you earn after the date you filed for bankruptcy.

In a Chapter 7 proceeding, some of your assets may be sold or liquidated to pay off debts. Many assets are exempt from bankruptcy proceedings such as clothing, furniture, a certain amount of home equity, a certain auto value and most types of retirement funds. Therefore, although Chapter 7 may involve the liquidation of assets, you should not fear Chapter 7 for that reason because many of your assets will likely be exempt.

If you have assets that are not exempt, you may be able to protect them by filing for Chapter 13.

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There is a great deal of misinformation about bankruptcy that you may find online or hear from friends and relatives. Do not base decisions about your financial future on bad information — speak to one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers for accurate information about bankruptcy and debt relief.

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