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Legal Help For Neck, Back And Spinal Cord Injury Victims

There are nearly 200,000 individuals in our country living with spinal cord injuries. The majority of these individuals are under thirty years old. Often the disability is permanent and as a result of the injury they suffer motor and sensory deficiencies, pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, along with other debilitating symptoms.

Most people have natural degeneration in their back as they age. In Oregon, a preexisting degeneration or other preexisting medical issue does not automatically mean that a person wasn't truly injured, even in a low speed car accident with minimal to no damage to the vehicles. Soft tissue injuries can be very serious and include injuries such as sprains/strains, torn ligaments, and bulging and herniated disks.

If a person is having ongoing issues several months or a year or more after a collision, the likelihood of permanent injury becomes more apparent. Neck and back injuries don't always show up in standard x-rays, and are sometimes difficult to identify without specialized films such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), DMX (digital motion x-ray) or other applicable tests. We at Case and Dusterhoff regularly attend seminars regarding the most up to date and effective testing available and understand the importance of correct diagnosis through the right tools, and where to find them.

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