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Do You Need Advice Regarding Copyrights And Trademarks?

In the modern information and technologically driven economy, copyright and trademarks have become even more important to today's businesses. Protecting your copyright and trademark interests can often spell the difference between success and failure.

You've worked hard to make your Washington or Oregon business succeed - don't let a copyright or trademark issue set you back.

At Case & Dusterhoff, LLP, our attorneys have the requisite knowledge and experience to aggressively and successfully represent your interests when:

  • You just need to make sure your business name is properly trademarked and protected
  • You have to protect your business name and logo from a potential competitor
  • You are in need of complex litigation to protect your business's intellectual property

Don't take a chance on one of your business's most important assets. Contact Case & Dusterhoff, LLP, today by calling 503-607-8218 or 800-658-0167. You may also complete a brief online form.


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